Welcome to theRoyal Paw Poms

Keeping the Breed Royal

Your Destination to Finding Your Next Best Friend

Welcome to theRoyal Paw Poms

Keeping the Breed Royal

Your Destination to Finding Your Next Best Friend

RoyalpawpomsAbout us

About Us:Welcome to Royalpawpoms, your trusted source for dog breeding services in Brentwood, California. My name is Yolanda, and for the past four years, I’ve been providing professional dog breeding services. As a registered dog breeder, my passion isn’t just in dog breeding but in nurturing and raising high-quality, healthy dogs that produce equally superior puppies.

Our meticulously planned puppy breeding programs are designed to develop well-bred dogs and their litters. We continually invest in dog breeding education and training, allowing us to stay informed about the latest in breeding standards, pedigree, temperament, and genetics. This commitment to continuous learning has enabled us to become champion bloodline dog breeders, specializing in small dog breeds, such as the Pomeranian, one of the best small dog breeds.

We focus on breeding Pomeranians in a variety of exotic colors, including Cream, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Tri-colored, and Lavender. Each of these colors represents a unique variation of the Pomeranian breed, further enhancing our reputation as purebred dog breeders.

At Royalpawpoms, we believe in healthy dog breeding practices and responsible dog breeding. We offer more than just stud dog services — our puppies are introduced to a robust Enrichment and Socialization program aimed at preparing them to be some of the best service dog breeds and excellent companions, whether for families, kids, seniors, first-time owners, or those living in apartments.

How Do We Breed Dogs?

At Royalpawpoms, we’re more than just registered dog breeders — we’re curators of joy, bringing happiness to families, kids, seniors, and first-time dog owners with our high-quality Pomeranians. Our commitment to responsible dog breeding practices is reflected in our approach. We prioritize temperament, intelligence, and health in our dogs, ensuring that the puppies we breed are among the best dog breeds for families, the best dog breeds for kids, the best dog breeds for seniors, and the best dog breeds for first-time owners.

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We don’t just provide dog breeding services — we craft lifetime companionship with our exquisite Pomeranians. We are more than just registered dog breeders; we are a thriving community of dog lovers passionately committed to raising the finest Pomeranians on the West Coast.

Our professional dog breeding approach blends art and science, producing puppies that are not only from champion bloodline dog breeders but also embody the finest characteristics of the Pomeranian breed. As purebred dog breeders, we focus on a diverse range of Pomeranian colors, adding a unique touch to our already beautiful breed.

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Royalpawpoms The Royalpawpoms Difference: A Journey to Exceptional Canine Companionship

Unwavering Quality

At Royalpawpoms, we’re committed to quality. Our Pomeranians are meticulously bred, ensuring each puppy is a prime example of the breed.

Rigorous Health Standards

We prioritize health above all. Our dogs and puppies undergo comprehensive Embark DNA testing, ensuring they are healthy and fit.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Our Pomeranians are AKC and CKC registered, guaranteeing their pedigree and authenticity.

Colorful Variety

We breed for a variety of colors, including exotic ones. This diversity ensures that each Royalpawpoms puppy is unique.

Committed to Socialization

Our Enrichment and Socialization program begins when puppies are six weeks old, helping them become adaptable, well-rounded dogs.

Continuous Learning and Development

We’re continually educating ourselves about breeding standards, pedigree, temperament, and genetics, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of Pomeranian breeding.

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TestimonialsSee How Others Feel About Us

When I decided I wanted to add a Pomeranian to my family, I knew I wanted a breeder that prioritized health, temperament, and socialization. From my first interaction with Yolanda at Royalpawpoms, I knew I had found the right breeder. Yolanda’s passion for her dogs is evident in every conversation, and her dedication to ensuring her puppies are well-socialized, healthy, and happy is unparalleled.

If you’re considering adding a Pomeranian to your family, I cannot recommend Royalpawpoms enough. From the quality of their dogs to the support they offer to new puppy parents, Yolanda and her team are truly the best.

– Bella J., Happy Puppy Parent